Laser Treatment For Piles

Benefits of Laser Treatment for Piles

Suffering from painful hemorrhoids and planning for the right treatment? In the initial stages, piles (Haemorrhoids) are best treated with piles home remedies or non-surgical treatments. However, once the disease becomes chronic, something more needs to be done to provide a permanent cure.

There are various options to get rid of painful piles and surgery is one of them. If it is decided that surgery is the right option to treat hemorrhoids, then it can lead to confusion as there are many options available. Among them, laser piles surgery has become popular as it can eliminate the risks of any further medical complications.

During the procedure, the laser is focused on the affected area and it seals off the nerves and blood vessels. Laser piles surgery is a highly effective procedure, and it is one of the main reasons why this method is preferred for bleeding piles.


1. Much safer and less painful

Laser surgery is one of the least painful surgeries for piles. Previously, the pile’s surgery was dreadful for most people due to the amount of pain caused. But the laser piles surgery is less invasive and does not create any type of sparks, which makes the surgery safe.

2. Very less bleeding

The primary advantage of laser hemorrhoid surgery is that it does not involve much bleeding. Laser surgery helps in minimizing the amount of blood flow by blocking the blood vessels and tissues. Also, laser treatment does not affect the tissues around the piles.

3. Fast treatment

The duration of the laser surgical treatment for piles is quite less; it takes about 45 minutes to finish the procedure. There is no need for hospitalization, patients can get discharged on the same day, which makes a better choice of piles surgery.

4. Quick healing

Alternative methods of surgery might take a few days to a few weeks to heal piles completely. The time required for the healing process for this method of surgery is a lot less, however, it differs from person to person. Patients can resume to routine with just a couple of days’ rest.

5. Easier way

Performing Laser surgery is much easier than conducting a traditional surgery. This is due to the surgeon having more control over the process and the amount of effort by the surgeon is less. The results are always effective when the work of a surgeon is made easier.

Moreover, LASER treatment has been found to be applied in many different fields of medicine. It has better results than usual conventional treatments. So, people don’t have to worry about the pain after surgery and suffer silently from the fear of surgery.

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