Rectal Prolapse Treatment in Bangalore

Rectal Prolapse is more incident in women than men with a complete surgical intervention necessary to cure the condition.

Prolapse of the rectum is more common in children & elders.

Get the best treatment for Rectal Prolapse in Bangalore.

What is Rectal Prolapse ?

Rectal Prolapse is a non-emergency yet socially awkward rectal condition in which the rectum (last few inches of the large intestine) passes down into the anal canal & sometimes outside the anus. This requires the patient to sometimes manually push the prolapsed tissue inside causing ruptures or cuts in unhygienic environment.

At Chirag Global Hospitals, we educate our patients to get the right assessment & treatment for Prolapsed rectum as many patients & sometimes, even doctors, confuse rectal prolapse for Piles/Hemorrhoids. Get the right treatment by getting the right diagnosis. DO NOT SHY AWAY FROM TAKING A SECOND OPINION FROM the Best Colo-Rectal Surgeons of Bangalore, India.

Symptoms of Rectal Prolapse

  • Most Common Symptom: A reddish mass/tissue hanging around the anus particularly after a bowel movement.
  • Leakage of Mucous, Blood or Stools, leading to staining of clothes.
  • Sense of incomplete evacuation after a bowel movement leading to more straining or discomfort.
  • With time, the prolapsed mucous may become ulcerated & lead to bleeding.
  • Constipation: Due to the obstruction created by the tissue in the anal canal, bowel movements will become more painful & strenuous than usual.
  • Anal pain & itching is another common symptom that overlaps with Piles symptoms.

Causes of Rectal Prolapse

  • Pregnancy & Child-birth
  • Aging
  • Surgery to the pelvis or a previous injury
  • Chronic Constipation
  • Chronic Diarrhea
  • Damage to the Spinal Cord or Nerves
  • Intestinal Parasitic Infections
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Chronic Coughing/Sneezing

Risk Factors of Rectal Prolapse

If Rectal Prolapse is left untreated, it can lead to multiple colorectal & social issues.

  • Fecal Incontinence: As the anal muscles stretch beyond the normal, it becomes difficult for the anal sphincter to hold back gas and stools inside. At least 50-75% of the 
  • Constipation
  • Rectal Ulcers
  • Gangrene

Treatment for Rectal Prolapse

Rectal Prolapse can be treated based on the type of prolapse & the stage.

Most common surgical treatment for Rectal Prolapse is Rectopexy in which the loose ends of the rectum are pulled up & secured in the sacrum.

Get in touch with our specialist rectal prolapse doctor to understand the required treatment & the right diagnosis.

Prevention of Rectal Prolapse

  • Treat Chronic Bowel Disorders
    Do not let chronic constipation or diarrhea persist. Consult out expert colo-proctologists to understand the treatment options better, before the health condition worsens. Remember prevention is better than cure.
  • Strengthen your Pelvic Floor
    Kegel exercises help is keeping the pelvic floor muscles fit & strong. This helps prevent incontinence & possible pelvic organ prolapse.

Our Patient Reviews

Venkata Sai VardhanVenkata Sai Vardhan
05:21 05 Nov 22
All the doctors and his staff are very cordial and experts in treatment of FISTULA ISSUES. They are extremely kind, reassuring, and knowledgeable. I like that during my all appointments regarding my Fistula Treatment, I received verbal and written instructions, throughout the prep day to ensure me that I was doing everything right. . Doctors did an excellent job! Chirag hospital has best fistula treatment in bangalore
S ObulesuS Obulesu
06:48 05 Oct 22
We have consulted female doctor for my mom's treatment. The doctor diagnosed very quickly and took decision for fistula surgery done and she is almost well now. I Thank doctor for her amazing service which took hardly 1day for my mother to get cured. I would highly recommend chirag hospital for fistula checkup, treatment and major surgeries as we can find number of experienced doctors, courteous nursing staff and an amazing service over here.
Subbu IshanSubbu Ishan
04:14 28 Sep 22
My experience with the doctors of Chirag hospital is very good. All the doctors are very knowledgeable about piles and fistula. They have detailed the problem, why the fistula had occurred to me, how to treat it so that it will not reoccur again, precautions to take, etc. Before going to Chirag hospital, I got operated on once before at Fortis hospital in Bangalore. I spent almost 1.5 lakhs on the treatment but the problem recurred to me within 2 months after the surgery. I got to know about Chirag hospital after searching on google and after going through the review, I booked an appointment and I took the treatment based on the doctor's suggestions. It has been a month and I am posting this review after completing 3 review appointments post-surgery. The pain is completely gone now and I am back to my work as well. Special mention to support staff and nurses, they took very good care. This is the best hospital for piles and fistula problems in Bangalore. All the best team.
harishkumar royalharishkumar royal
06:15 28 Aug 22
Wanted to share my experience. i got fistula 2 months back and the pain is immense that i could not sit for a minute. i wasn't sure which hospital i need to visit. Thank you god i found this hospital and visited it. Doctor identified the exact issue swiftly and suggested for surgery. Surgery went successful, i am now fully recovered and able to do my regular work. Doctor is knowledgeable, patient, user friendly and accessible all the time. He provides good confidence and you can put away your fears. Staff is also very user friendly.
06:05 28 Aug 22
I am writing this review after 3 months of my pilonidal sinus treatment. First of all i would like to thank doctor who did surgery in very proficient manner. When i visited first time, doctor clearly explained the issue and treatment. Next day morning i went and had a small procedure and within 6 hours i came back to home and doing my daily activities without any issues. Within a month wound also completely healed. We can also claim insurance for this treatment. All staff is excellent. Without a second thought you can go ahead.
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