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Chirag Global Hospitals

Best Hospital for Piles, Fissure, Fistula & Colo-Rectal Disorders

38 years of experience in diagnosing & treating piles, fistula, fissure, constipation and other colon/rectal disorders.

Bringing advanced treatments like DG-HAL with RAR for Piles Treatment, for treating Fissures, Fistulotomy, Fistulectomy for treating simple & complex Fistulas, Chirag Global Hospitals Best Hospital in Bangalore is pioneering top quality healthcare in the department of Colo-Proctology.

Meet the most experienced Proctologist of Bangalore for  Piles, Internal Hemorrhoids, Fissures, Fistula, Prolapse, Incontinence & Pilonidal Sinus, coz’ you cannot compromise on your daily life.

Our Visionary

chirag global hospitals

Dr. Rajasekhar Mysore

Founder & Chief Proctologist

Our Team

Our Team

chirag global hospitals
Dr. Rajasekhar M R
Founder & Chief Proctologist
chirag global hospitals
Dr. Shreedevi KN
Surgical Gastroenterology
& Colorectal Surgeon
chirag global hospitals
Dr. Srinivas Murthy
Senior Surgeon
chirag global hospitals
Dr. Chandrika
Senior Gynaecologist
chirag global hospitals
Dr. Manjunath Joshi
chirag global hospitals
Dr. Prithvija
chirag global hospitals
Dr. Suchitra N Adiga
chirag global hospitals
Dr. Vijay

Goodness of Allopathy + Wellness of Diet

With 38 years of experience, our doctors combine the Medical Treatment with DIET & LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION for addressing the root cause of the problem. Get a solution that is effective and permanent without undergoing any surgery.

No Pain & No Cuts Treatment without any Surgery

With the use of latest diagnostic tools and techniques, our doctors are experts in treating disorders like piles, fistula, fissure, etc without doing any surgery. We believe accurate diagnosis is the key for the treatment protocol.

30-Min Laser Treatment
& 1-Day Discharge

We use cutting edge technologies like VRS, DGHAL, RAR, IRC, RF & Dual wavelength LASERS for quick & effective treatment for patients who are in need of surgery for Piles, Fissures, Fistula, Pilonidal Sinus & Rectal Prolapse.

Our Speciality Treatments

chirag global hospitals

Piles Treatment

Click for more info on Piles

chirag global hospitals

Fistula Treatment

Click for more info on Fistula

chirag global hospitals

Fissure Treatment

Click for more info on Fissure

chirag global hospitals

Constipation Cure

Best Doctor in Bangalore

Pilonidal Sinus Treatment

Click to know more about Pilonidal Sinus

Colon Cancer Treatment

Get the Best Doctor to diagnose Colon Cancer

Ulcerative Colitis Treatment

Get the best treatment for Ulcerative Colitis

Rectal Prolapse Treatment

Get the best treatment for Rectal Prolapse

Our Patient Reviews

Venkata Sai VardhanVenkata Sai Vardhan
05:21 05 Nov 22
All the doctors and his staff are very cordial and experts in treatment of FISTULA ISSUES. They are extremely kind, reassuring, and knowledgeable. I like that during my all appointments regarding my Fistula Treatment, I received verbal and written instructions, throughout the prep day to ensure me that I was doing everything right. . Doctors did an excellent job! Chirag hospital has best fistula treatment in bangalore
S ObulesuS Obulesu
06:48 05 Oct 22
We have consulted female doctor for my mom's treatment. The doctor diagnosed very quickly and took decision for fistula surgery done and she is almost well now. I Thank doctor for her amazing service which took hardly 1day for my mother to get cured. I would highly recommend chirag hospital for fistula checkup, treatment and major surgeries as we can find number of experienced doctors, courteous nursing staff and an amazing service over here.
Subbu IshanSubbu Ishan
04:14 28 Sep 22
My experience with the doctors of Chirag hospital is very good. All the doctors are very knowledgeable about piles and fistula. They have detailed the problem, why the fistula had occurred to me, how to treat it so that it will not reoccur again, precautions to take, etc. Before going to Chirag hospital, I got operated on once before at Fortis hospital in Bangalore. I spent almost 1.5 lakhs on the treatment but the problem recurred to me within 2 months after the surgery. I got to know about Chirag hospital after searching on google and after going through the review, I booked an appointment and I took the treatment based on the doctor's suggestions. It has been a month and I am posting this review after completing 3 review appointments post-surgery. The pain is completely gone now and I am back to my work as well. Special mention to support staff and nurses, they took very good care. This is the best hospital for piles and fistula problems in Bangalore. All the best team.
harishkumar royalharishkumar royal
06:15 28 Aug 22
Wanted to share my experience. i got fistula 2 months back and the pain is immense that i could not sit for a minute. i wasn't sure which hospital i need to visit. Thank you god i found this hospital and visited it. Doctor identified the exact issue swiftly and suggested for surgery. Surgery went successful, i am now fully recovered and able to do my regular work. Doctor is knowledgeable, patient, user friendly and accessible all the time. He provides good confidence and you can put away your fears. Staff is also very user friendly.
06:05 28 Aug 22
I am writing this review after 3 months of my pilonidal sinus treatment. First of all i would like to thank doctor who did surgery in very proficient manner. When i visited first time, doctor clearly explained the issue and treatment. Next day morning i went and had a small procedure and within 6 hours i came back to home and doing my daily activities without any issues. Within a month wound also completely healed. We can also claim insurance for this treatment. All staff is excellent. Without a second thought you can go ahead.

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chirag global hospitals

Chirag - The Right Colon Care

Chirag Global Hospitals, led by Dr. Rajasekhar Mysore with 38 years of experience, Chirag is currently the best colon care hospital in Bangalore, India. With more surgical experience & top clinical results, Chirag Global Hospitals assure every patient the right care at the right cost.

Quacks (meaning: unqualified practitioners posing as doctors) are ruining the lives of thousands of piles patients every month. Even with a proper qualification, advanced degrees & expertise are must in Colo-Proctology to identify the underlying issue. We, at Chirag Global, urge you to only consult qualified & experienced Proctologists to get the right treatment for Piles, Fistula, Fissure, Constipation & other colon/rectal disorders.

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