Anal Fissure Laser Treatment

Pre-Op & Post-Op care for patients



  1. Do not have any breakfast / coffee/ milk on the day of the surgery. Please come to surgery on empty stomach
  2. If you have diabetes, high bp, thyroid issues or any other condition then please take your regular medicines before coming for surgery. Blood thinners to be stopped as advised.
  3. Do not wear ornaments (rings, bangles, and chain etc.)
  4. After the surgery, patient will be shifted to post operative monitoring till recovery from anaesthesia
  5. Post op reviews will be seen by your consultant surgeon
  6. Review timings for post operative patients is strictly as advised by your surgeon
  7. For surgery patients reporting time will be sharp 9:00am


One day before surgery:

  1. Tab. Gerbisa (bisacodyl) 2 tab before dinner
  2. Tab. Allercet l (levocetrizine) 1 tab after dinner
  3. Tab. Gramocef cv 1 tab after dinner

On the day of surgery:

  1. Cap. Happi d (rabeprazole + domperidone)
  2. Tab. Dezoflav (diosmin 900mg + hesperidin 100mg)


  1. Surgery takes care of 50 % of the problem , the remaining 50% of the treatment is through follow ups to the hospital as advised.
  2. During the post-operative review, the wound will be checked by the concerned doctor and appropriate advice and medicines will be given
  3. if the patient does not show up for regular follow ups, the chances of recurrences and complications may go up.
  4. Avoid constipation
  5. Avoid putting a lot of pressure while passing motions
  6. Avoid sitting continuously for more than one hour, just get up every hour and move around
  7. Avoid sitting on 2 wheelers, as it stretches the wound and may cause bleeding
  8. Normal food should be taken by the patient , but just have food with sufficient fluid in it. For example, add more rasam or buttermilk or sambar to rice. Dip chapati in curds or dal and make it soft before eating it
  9.  Avoid very spicy food
  10. Normal walking, climbing stairs can all be done
  11. Severity of pain after surgery is subjective and depends on the patient’s tolerance to pain and appropriate medicines will be prescribed.
  12. Some amount of discharge from the wound is common after surgery till the wound heals.
  13. Please use warm water for the sitz bath, as hot water may burn the area.

Glove filled with water will be given to you, which should be kept in the freezer. In case of severe pain, place it near the painful region for comfort.

Only in case of severe bleeding, apply xylocaine gel on the glove and slowly introduce it into the anal canal before coming to the hospital.


Post operative events :

Small amount of bleeding is common after surgery. Occasionally severe bleeding can happen in some patients upto 3-4 weeks after surgery. If the bleeding is like clots or gushing of blood occurs then please contact us immediately and come to the hospital as soon as possible.

If the bleeding is severe and the patient is feeling dizzy, then please go to the nearest hospital and call us, so that we can coordinate with that hospital.

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